Throughout the RWA Strange Worlds Exhibition Dec – March 2017 there were free short readings from Angela Carter’s work in the main galleries by authorities on various aspects of Angela Carter

11 December, 2.15-2.30 – Marie Mulvey-Roberts (Associate Professor in English, UWE) reads from Angela Carter’s Bristol trilogy. Parts of Bristol associated with Carter and her work will be identified.] Reading List.

21 January, 12.00 -12.15 – Charlotte Crofts (Associate Professor of Filmmaking, UWE) reads one of the last pieces Angela Carter wrote before she died, ‘The Granada,Tooting’ about her cinema-going experiences and how they informed her sensibility as a writer, plus the short story ‘The Merchant of Shadows’. Reading List.

8 February, 12.00 -12.15– Dr Zoe Brennan (Senior Lecturer in English, UWE) reads from Angela Carter’s last novel, Wise Children. Steve Martin’s original painting on which the Vintage book cover is taken will be displayed in the exhibition.

19 March, 3.00-3.15 – Marie Mulvey-Roberts (Associate Professor in English, UWE) reads from Carter’s vampire story “The Lady of the House of Love”. Manuscripts of the tale are exhibited in the exhibition. Reading List.

IMAGE: Giuseppe Arcimboldo (1527-1593)

The Librarian / Oil on canvas / c1570

Used as cover of Angela Carter’s Expletives Deleted (Chatto & Windus, 1992)