The Company of Wolves

Sunday 12 March 2017, doors 15.15; film start 15.20


Bristol Film Festival is pleased to present this screening of the BAFTA-winning Gothic fantasy-horror The Company Of Wolves, based upon the short story of the same name and co-written by Carter herself. The event takes place in the Fedden Gallery, and will be introduced by Dr Charlotte Crofts, Associate Professor of Filmmaking at UWE and author of Anagrams of Desire: Angela Carter’s Writing for Radio, Film and Television.


1984 | 18 | 93 mins

The Company Of Wolves draws on fairy tales and werewolf mythology in this dark and surreal story that explores psychology and sexuality. Teenager Rosaleen’s (Sarah Patterson) dreams are haunted by shape-shifting wolves, as she travels through a forest to see her grandmother (Angela Lansbury). However, her encounter with a mysterious huntsman unleashes a chain of events that cannot be reversed. The main narrative is woven with other tales of werewolves, adding to the nightmarishly beautiful feel of the film.

Starring: Angela Lansbury | Sarah Patterson | Micha Bergese | David Warner

Director: Neil Jordan

Screenplay: Angela Carter | Neil Jordan

Producer: Chris Brown | Stephen Woolley