Call for Moving Images Inspired by the Life and Work of Angela Carter

Angela Carter loved “anything that flickers” and was filled with “the quite unhealthy sense of power with which you feel you’re actually beaming figments of your imagination across the city, across the country, across the world” on the release of the film adaptation of The Company of Wolves. One of the last pieces she wrote was about her childhood experiences of visiting the Tooting Granda with her father as a young girl.

2017 marks 25 years since the death of Angela Carter, one of the greatest and most original writers of the twentieth century. To commemorate this event, the Get Angela Carter Festival is taking place in Bristol, including performances, films, and international conference and an art exhibition at the Royal West of England Academy in Bristol called Strange Worlds: The Vision of Angela Carter from 10 December to 19 March 2017. In response to her extraordinarily visual imagination, this show exhibits the work of artists who inspired her and also the work of contemporary artists whose art work parallels her writing, including some newly commissioned work.

We are inviting filmmakers to create up to 90-second film or moving image works inspired by any aspect of Angela Carter’s work which will be featured on the Get Angela Carter website.

Films must be submitted via the Submission Form below.

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